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Information regarding offline courses

We are excited to welcome you in one of our offline courses! To make sure that everyone (teachers, admin+pedagogical staff and participants) are as safe as possible and to keep in line with legal regulations, the rules posted on our website (linked here!) have to be adhered. To make everything as easy as possible for you, we are informing you below how to go about it.

3-G-Rule (In German: geimpft, getestet or genesen means vaccinated, recovered or tested)

Everyone in our courses has to carry proof that they are vaccinated against Covid-19, recovered from a Covid-19 infection or tested against Sars-Cov-2. This proof has to be in German or English and in latin script. It can either be digital or a printout. Generally, you have to show this proof to your teacher, but also our administrative staff is entitled to request this.

The following documents are accepted, please note their period of validity.


  • Vaccination certificate/pass/card
  • Prinout of e-vaccination card
  • Validity in detail:

    • A covid-vaccination is only valid after a complete immunization (2nd vaccination) from the day of the 2nd vaccination.
    • For vaccines with only one shot (i.e. Johnson&Johnson), validity is from the 22nd day past the vaccination date until 9 months after it.
    • For persons recovered from a Covid-19 infection who need only one vaccination boost, the vaccination is valid for 9 months.

  • How to get a vaccination?

    • For persons aged 12 and older living in Vienna, registration for a Covid-19 vaccination is open: Impfservice Wien



  • negative PCR test result
  • Validity from the time of the sample collection: max. 48 hours
  • How/where to be tested? In Vienna, there are  many options to get tested free of charge!

    • With/without Austrian social security number:

      • PCR-tests via the initiative ‚Alles gurgelt!‘ (Simply register here, pick up your test kits in one of Vienna’s BIPA stores, do the test at home/in your accommodation, return it at one of the  REWE/BIPA/BILLA/BILLA PLUS-branches; test result is sent to you via e-mail.)
      • PCR-tests at one of Vienna‘s gargle stations, linked here. PLEASE NOTE: booking an appointment is necessary!


  • Quarantine decision (Absonderungsbescheid): max. 6 months
  • Medical certificate: max. 6 months
  • Certificate of recovers: max. 6 months

  • Masks

Everywhere at the Language Center, FFP2-masks are compulsory: In common areas, (entrance area, corridors, toilets, main office etc.) and classrooms, also during lessons.

    o  teachers when standing at their desk, keeping a safety distance to all participants and
    o  everyone when consuming food or drink (This is to be kept brief, please)

  • Assigned seat /seating order

Your teacher will assign a seat to you and will document the seating order. To reduce the risk, the seating order remains stable and can only be changed at the beginning of each course week. We ask recovered and vaccinated participants to seat themselves in the middle of the classroom.

  • Keeping distance / spending breaks outdoors

Please keep a safety distance to everyone throughout the whole time you spend at the Language Center and do not form groups. Please spend breaks outdoors whenever possible.
In case you feel unwell:
Please only come to your course when you feel well. Should you not feel well, you can receive an „online attendance“ when handing in your homework on time in moodle. Please make sure to be tested immediatel, preferably via PCR, and inform your teacher and the Language Center (at sprachenzentrumsymbolunivie.acpunktat) immediately of your result.

  • In case you receive a positive test result

In case of a positive antigen test result, do not come to the course by all means, but make sure tob e tested via PCR test (see above) as quickly as possible. Please inform your teacher and the Language Center (at sprachenzentrumsymbolunivie.acpunktat) of the result immediately.
In case of a positive PCR-test result, this result is automatically transmitted to the health authorities and you will be sent into a 10-day quarantine (From the 5th day onwards you can leave the quarantine with a negative PCR test result. Please inform your teacher and the Language Center (at sprachenzentrum@univie.ac.at) of the result immediately.

  • In case you have to be quarantined

If you are quarantined (regardless of whether you or a direct contact of yours has been tested positive for Sars Cov 2) this means that you cannot participate in the offline course. (For 5 days if you have a negative test result, or on the 10th day). If you feel well enough to continue the course, please do so. Your teacher will note „online attendance“ when your homework is handed in on time in moodle. Try to stay in touch with your course colleagues to find out what’s happening in the course.

  • In case you get infected with Sars Cov 2

Should you have been tested positive for Sars Cov 2, and fall ill, please contact the health telphone line 1450 immediately and follow their instructions.

  • In case a course colleague was tested positive for Sars-Cov 2

Should a course colleague or your teacher be tested positive for Sars Cov2, we shall inform you immediately. If s*he was present in the course during the 48 hours prior to the test, you will be quarantined if you have been sitting right next/behind/infront him*her, and should you not be vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19. In this case the whole course will move online for 5 days. Please note the following information on distance learning on our website.  
Should the Austrian federal government or the Viennese city government release any changes on the current covid rules, we will inform you as soon as possible. Also, you always find current information on our website, right here.

We're wishing you a successful course and are available for any questions you might have: sprachenzentrumsymbolunivie.acpunktat

Best regards

Marina Höfinghoff-Vornberg, Heike Ziehr and Nicola Kraml on behalf of the entire team at the Language Center of the University of Vienna