Information regarding offline courses

Safety measures in our courses - as of August 1, 2022

  • General recommendations to avoid contagion

Please observe simple hygiene measures such as hand washing, respiratory and cough hygiene and keeping your distance, and to take special care if you feel ill. In addition, we still recommend that you wear a mask and get tested regularly. 

  • Keeping distance / spending breaks outdoors

Please keep a safety distance to everyone throughout the whole time you spend at the Language Center and do not form groups. Please spend breaks outdoors whenever possible.

  • If you feel ill 

Please come to class only if you feel well. If you do not feel well, you can receive an "online attendance" by submitting the homework on time on Moodle. Try to stay informed about what is happening in the course through class colleagues and study along independently.

Organize a PCR test as soon as possible and report your result immediately to your teacher and to sprachenzentrumsymbolunivie.acpunktat.

  • Restrictions in case you receive a positive test result

In case of a positive PCR-test result, this result is automatically transmitted to the health authorities and you have to follow strict regulations by the Austrian health auhorities (Verkehrsbeschränkung). You must wear a mask (FFP2 or higher) correctly at all times and may not take it off even for drinking or eating as long as you are indoors. Outdors, you may do so only if you can guarantee a safety distance of at least 2 meters.

Please inform your teacher and the Language Center (sprachenzentrumsymbolunivie.acpunktat)) of the result immediately. 

  • How to end these restrictions

You can espape these restrictions by PCR test from day 5 of quarantine (if you have no symptoms). If you have a negative result on the day 6 or a positive one with a CT value of more than 30, you can participate in the course again. You need to show us the report for this.

  • In case a teacher was tested positive


If a teacher tests positive, we will inform you immediately. The course will go online. As soon as the teacher has tested negative (at the earliest day 5), a return to the on-site course can take place.

We’d like to thank you (and your teachers!) already in advance for your kind cooperation and are pleased to be able to provide the safest possible offline courses with these rules.

We wish you continued enjoyment of the course! We are happy to answer any questions you may have: sprachenzentrumsymbolunivie.acpunktat.
Best wishes
Marina Höfinghoff-Vornberg, Nicola Kraml and Heike Ziehr on behalf of the entire team at the Language Center of the University of Vienna