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German Language Examination B2/2

Candidates can take this examination solely within the framework of a course. Sitting only the examination, without attending a course – as, for example, in the case of the ÖSD examination – is not possible. The examination fees are included in the fees of all German courses which end with the course phase B2/2.

The B2/2 certificate, can, just as the other German language certificates issued by the Sprachenzentrum, prove to be useful for many purposes. These involve residence authorisation or language proficiency confirmation for prospective employment; please enquire at the relevant organisation whether the certificates issued by the Language Centre are recognised.

Moreover the B2/2 certificate can be a crucial document for the admission to Austrian universities.

Target Group

  • Non-degree program students who were prescribed the supplementary German examination [Ergänzungsprüfung Deutsch (EPD)] in their admission letter can sit the central B2/2 examination instead, which is part of all our German courses that end in B2/2, except trimester courses.
  • EU citizens wishing to attend a program of study at an Austrian university can take this examination within the framework of all German courses which end with B2/2, trimester courses included.

Test Procedure

With the exception of B2/2 examinations for trimester courses, the German language examination B2/2 is organised centrally (it takes place for all candidates at the same time and at the same venue). To guarantee objectivity, the examination sheets are corrected and marked by examiner teams.

All four language skills are assessed: reading comprehension, listening comprehension and writing proficiency are tested within the written part of the examination, while speaking proficiency is assessed in a separate, oral part of the examination. A maximum of 20 points can be acquired for every language skill. In order to pass, candidates must acquire a minimum of 10 points in each skill.


Participants who completed the B2/2 exam will receive their results in form of the course certificate, which is awarded to all participants who attended a minimum of 75% of the entire course duration.