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Semester Courses

13-week-long, the German semester courses are held twice a year: October - January and March - June.
The number of participants in each group is 16 - 18.

Course Dates

  • Winter semester 2019/20: 07.10.2019 - 22.01.2020 (registration starts: 24.09.2019)
  • Summer semester 2020: 02.03.2020 - 19.06.2020 (registration starts: 10.02.2020)

Target Group

  • all interested parties above the age of 16 years who want to study German in a very intensive setting

Please follow the link for detailed information regarding students of the University Preparation Program

Duration, Intensity, Course Times, Tuition Fees

Duration: 13 weeks
Intensity: 5x/week, Monday - Friday
Teaching units/day: 3
Teaching units/week: 15 (total: 195 units per course)
Course times: early or late afternoons

Tuition fees: € 915


1 teaching unit = 45 minutes

The schedule is available on the first day of registration.

Course Phases

Each semester course covers 3 phases: A1/1-A2/1, A1/2-A2/2, A2/1-B1/1, A2/2-B1/2, B1/1-B2/1, B1/2-B2/2, B2/1-C1/1, B2/2-C1/2.

Registration options offered:

  • personal registration is:

    • available to all participants
    • required for all new participants with previous knowledge of the language (starting from A1/2), since enrollment in the appropriate course is based on the placement test to be taken prior to registration.

  • online-registration:

    • beginners with no previous knowledge of the language (for A1/1 courses)
    • participants who have attended previous German courses at the Language Center, via the Customer LOGIN.

Course selection & online booking

Comprehensive placement tests carried out prior to course commencement ensure participants’ enrollment in the appropriate course levels. These placement tests are compulsory for new participants.

Placement tests are carried out when registration for the respective course starts. You can take the test during our office hours (latest possible start one hour before our office closes, no appointment necessary).

The tests last approximately 30 minutes and consist of an oral and a written part. You can register for the appropriate course level after the placement test.

No placement test is required for

  • beginner students at the A1/1 level
  • participants who have previously attended German courses at the Language Center
  • participants who can produce an ÖSD or Goethe certificate.

Course Certificate

The minimum eligibility requirements for a course certificate are as follows:

  • minimum 75% attendance of the total course duration
  • participation in the final examination

You will receive your certificate on the last day of the course.

Successful completion of the final examination will result in the participant being awarded 12 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) points. The relevant study program of your university will have the ultimate decision regarding recognition of our certificates.

In case of the student's absence at the final exam or failing grades, ECTS points cannot be awarded. Nevertheless, participants who fulfill the minimum attendance requirement of 75% may receive an attendance confirmation letter from the Office of the Language Center.