Language Swap

Find language learning partners with the help of a language swap ad. It is free and the language exchange (tandem) can be organized independently.

Should you be more interested in learning a language in a classroom environment, we recommend attending a course.

Please visit following pages for more detailed information on our German Courses and Foreign Language Courses.


How Does the Language Swap Work?

If you wish to teach a language and be taught another in exchange, please input your information into our database by filling out the appropriate form. This will result in your offer being posted on the bulletin board (e.g.: “Offer German, seek Albanian”). Obviously, you can also look for a suitable learning partner by browsing the offers already available on the bulletin board. Once you have found a potential learning partner, all you need to do is to contact her/him by email.

Your offer will be kept on the bulletin board for three months.

After posting your ad, you will receive an editing link via e-mail. Following the link will allow you to edit, prolong or delete your ad at any time. 

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