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ESP - A Career in… Government and Public Policy

04.10.2017 - 20.12.2017
Mittwochs, 18:00 - 20:30
UE: 30
ID: 17W10EN11

MSc Paul Talbot

Inst. f. Histologie u Physiologie, Schwarzspanierstr. 17, 1090 Wien, Seminarraum 1

Target Group:
This course is aimed at students and early-career professionals in the field of government, public policy, and public administration, who wish to improve their English language and communication skills, with a specific focus on these areas.

B2-C1 – participants should have at least a reasonable command of general English.

The course is built around topics central to the communication needs for a career in government and public policy organisations. Participants will become familiar with new vocabulary and terminology for discussing a range of public policy topics, from the structure and role of government through to the policymaking process. Participants will also develop communication skills for working with ministers and senior political figures. Attention will be paid to specific policy areas, (i.e. education and skills, migration, defence, justice, transport, etc.) depending on the needs and professional interests of participants.

Method: As a task-based course, there is an emphasis on practical communication activities such as presenting, holding meetings and discussions, and producing written material, including briefings, submissions, reports, official correspondence and press releases.


Materials will be custom-tailored to participants’ needs.


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