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ESP - Legal English

12.10.2017 - 18.01.2018
Donnerstags, 18:00 - 20:30
UE: 30
ID: 17W10EN01

Mag. Elisabeth Müller-Lipold

Campus Hof 1.16, Alser Str. 4, 1090 Wien, Sprachenzentrum, Raum A

Target group: the course is aimed at those who wish to develop and enhance their skills in the use of English within a legal context.
Level: you already have a good level of English. You are able to read English relatively easily and are able to understand spoken English with few problems.
Content and aims:the course aims to give participants the opportunity to extend and activate their legal vocabulary in English and to increase fluency and confidence in using English in a legal context. Topics covered by the course include business law and civil litigation. Language practice activities include role plays of meetings and negotiations, reading, interpreting and discussing authentic legal text, formal letter writing, and legal vocabulary building exercises.
Method: the focus will be on activating reading and speaking skills through cooperative task-based work in pairs or small groups. Participants are expected to do a certain amount of homework. The working language of the course will be English.


Course materials will be recommended and/or supplied according to the needs and requirements of the participants.


Für diesen Kurs sind keine Dokumente vorhanden.

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