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PE Englisch für MitarbeiterInnen der SSC (A2+/B1)

09.10.2017 - 13.11.2017
Montags, 12:00 - 14:30
UE: 18
ID: 17W13EN05

MA Paul Hoffman

Campus Hof 1.16, Alser Str. 4, 1090 Wien, Sprachenzentrum, Raum 01

Target Group
You have basic English skills, but you have forgotten grammar rules or you have never learnt them properly. That is why you are looking for an opportunity to start (again). “Past simple versus continuous tense, present perfect tense, going-to future, reported speech, prepositions, idiomatic phrases” - you’ve heard about all of these, but would like to be able to use them correctly. Also, your vocabulary is limited, but you want to hold conversations without having to look for the right word, the right sentence structure, and without feeling embarrassed.
The course focuses on an overview of the English grammar and its practical use. You learn the rules and how to apply them in games and role plays (for example in everyday situations like shopping, asking for information and directions, telephone conversations, chats with friends and colleagues), but also discussions of current topics. Exercises include reading, listening and speaking. Writing is optional (homework). The grammar exercises provided are taken mostly from Raymond Murphy’s “Essential English Grammar”.

At the beginning of the course the participants’ wishes and needs will be discussed and incorporated into the course program. Also the course material is tailored to the group’s interests. Each lesson starts with a short game and a repetition of the vocabulary and other content of the week before. The focus is on grammar exercises, vocabulary training and speaking skills, which will be practised in pairs, groups and with the whole class.


Course materials will be recommended and/or supplied according to the needs and requirements of the participants.


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1400,00 €

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