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PE English Pronunciation A2/B1-C1

22.04.2020 - 27.05.2020
Mittwochs, 12:00 - 14:30
UE: 18
ID: 20S13EN08

Mag. Martin Buxbaum

Personalwesen und Frauenförderung Universität Wien, Seminarraum

One of the biggest problem areas for many non-native speakers of English - and yet one that is seldom addressed with much attention to detail - is pronunciation: the way English words and sentences should sound when we say them. The course focuses on getting participants' English pronunciation to a level of natural-sounding fluency that will enable their conversation partners to easily understand their words and follow their trains of thought without having to think about which words they were using.
By the end of the course, native speakers of English will most likely still be able to tell that you are a non-native speaker, but ideally they will find it difficult to determine where you're from - a characteristic feature of high-quality pronunciation competence.
Based on participant needs, during the course we will look at and practice some or all of the following pronunciation aspects:
- typical problem sounds (v-w, th, auslaut, …)
- typical problem syllables (-ction, …)
- typical problem words
- word stress
- sentence stress
- sentence intonation
This course is aimed at everyone seeking to improve their English pronunciation skills. No prior pronunciation experience or knowledge is necessary, but a basic command of English would be useful.
Level: All levels except beginners (A2/B1-C2).
After some theoretical input about typical problem sounds and the phonetic transcription system used in dictionaries (which should enable us to pronounce any new word correctly the first time we try), the main focus of the course will be on actively practicing individual sounds, sound sequences, words and full sentences. To be effective, this course requires a high level of active participation. Course materials will be custom-tailored to participants' needs after the first course meeting.


Course materials will be custom-tailored to participants' needs.


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