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Exam Preparation: Cambridge Advanced English (CEFR C1)

05.10.2021 - 14.12.2021
Dienstags, 18:00 - 20:30
UE: 30

Türkenstraße 3, 1090 Wien, SemRaum 6, 3. Stock

The Cambridge Advanced English Exam (CAE) is a challenging yet thoroughly rewarding exam, and is recognised by more than 12000 employers, universities and government departments worldwide. The aim of this course is to prepare candidates for all aspects of the exam. Students will be introduced to the specific requirements of each of the four parts (Reading and Use of English, Listening, Writing, Speaking) and will learn valuable strategies and tricks how to avoid pitfalls and maximise results.

The specific skills targeted in each task will be discussed at length and relevant grammar and vocabulary exercises will be done in class. You will also be expected to do plenty of homework. Students will learn how to approach the writing tasks and will be given ample practice opportunities with corrections and detailed feedback. Individual strengths and weaknesses will be analysed and additional preparation material will be provided. There will be plenty of practice tests as well as a “mock” speaking exam with individual feedback and help.


Complete Advanced (second edition)
Student's book with answers for revised exam from 2015.
Verlag: Cambridge University Press
ISBN-10: 3125351618 (erhältlich bei Facultas am Campus).
ISBN-13: 9783125351615
Die Kursunterlagen sind in der Kursgebühr nicht inkludiert und bei Facultas am Campus , Hof 1.5.4. erhältlich.


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