e-ERASMUS English B2 - Preparation and Language Competency Evaluation C

19.10.2023 - 18.01.2024
Donnerstags, 18:00 - 20:30
UE: 30

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This course is designed for candidates who have registered or intend to register in the European ERASMUS program at colleges or universities where instruction is conducted in the English language. Students who have no intention to participate in ERASMUS program but are interested in acquiring hands-on experience and improving their communication skills are also welcome to join the course. The curriculum includes such topics as orientation in an English-speaking academic environment, useful information about the structure and function of colleges and universities, tips about campus life, health insurance, etc. Students will practice small-talk, phone conversations, note-taking, reading and listening techniques. Special emphasis will be devoted to the necessary writing skills and oral presentations. The course will offer the Language Competency Evaluation test (Sprachkompetenznachweis), upon successful completion of which students will be issued the official ceMrtificate required by most ERASMUS programs to prove the candidate's language proficiency at level B2. The test lasts approximately 120 minutes and includes listening, reading and writing assignments, as well as a spoken interview.
Pre-Requisites: Candidates should have completed or be currently enrolled in Level B2 English proficiency according to Common European Framework for Languages.

At the end of the course, participants can receive a graded certificate subject to a minimum of 75% course attendance and passing grades in all four language skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing). The ultimate decision regarding recognition (or non-recognition) of ECTS points (credits) lies with your university’s or institutes’ Study Program Administration [Studienprogrammleitung].
3 ECTS, 3 semester credit hours.


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