Business English: Looking to boost your career and open new doors?

In the winter semester 2023-24 we are featuring a new Business English Course. The instructor Paul Nogid will show you how this course can transform your professional journey.


First things first – let me introduce myself.  My name is Paul Nogid, and I am a New Yorker who has spent the last 17 years living here in Vienna. I graduated from two universities, lived and worked in a number of countries, and am proud of my multicultural upbringing which has largely contributed to my career choices and life goals.

I’ve been teaching at the University of Vienna Language Center since 2009 and I’ve had a total of over 20 years of English teaching experience at different places. This semester, after a pause of a few years, the Language Center is again offering a special course in Business English, and I am excited at this opportunity because I believe that effective communication in the world of business is an essential skill most people need in order to climb the corporate ladder.  So, I’m writing to encourage you to consider signing up for my classes, and I can assure you – you won’t regret!


Whichever language you happen to speak at home, English is still a lingua franca when it comes to business communication, particularly if you wish to work in an international environment.  Proficiency in Business English will give you a leg up on your competitors at the job market.  It will instill in you the confidence and ability to communicate precisely and clearly, which is what employees value the most these days.  Your partners, co-workers and business associates will appreciate your effective communication techniques, and you may greatly improve your chances of being noticed and eventually of getting promoted.


The course is best suited for the current or prospective students in various fields of business or management, as well as experienced professionals who would like to polish their business communication skills in English. But needless to say, everyone is welcome to join, so even if you are not currently employed in the field of business but would like to explore new opportunities or make a career change, you will no doubt find it very useful.  The only thing we ask for is some prior knowledge of English at B2 (upper intermediate) level so we are all on the same page. :)


  • Focus on professional vocabulary, including specific terminology, commonly used words and phrases, as well idiomatic expressions in business English, both in Britain and the US.
  • Essential grammatical and sentence structures to enhance both oral and written communication in a formal and casual setting;
  • Numerous speaking activities that will help you practice short briefings and presentations in a business environment, as well as formulate persuasive arguments during negotiations with your business partners and coworkers;
  • Writing business correspondence, including email messages, briefings and reports that will help you excel in written communication;
  • Discussion of cultural differences and sensitivities to develop cultural awareness in the international environment.


My main goal is to make sure that what you learn is specifically tailored to your needs and interests, so I’ll do my best to make sure that our classes are interactive, dynamic and engaging.  Six scheduled weekly classes, each one comprising of three academic hours, will be taught in a dual format, either on campus or online via Zoom, in accordance with specific course objectives and your individual preferences. You will be encouraged to actively participate in group activities and discussions, analyze various case studies and real-world business scenarios.  That way, together, we will work to enhance your confidence and effectiveness in different aspects of business communication.


I’d like to invite you to enroll in my classes and allow me to use my extensive experience, multicultural background and result-oriented approach to guide you towards a more successful and confident communication in the global business environment. Good command of English is and will remain a useful tool of doing business worldwide. Don’t miss your chance! Hope to see you soon!

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