Job Interview Training: The first impression counts!

You only have one chance to make the first impression! Let’s make sure it’s a good one. That's why we are offering a new job interview training in English at the Language Center.

Let’s look at some facts to start with.

Fact 1. In May 2023, WKO, the Austrian Economic Chamber, confirmed that every other SME (small and middle-sized enterprise) is experiencing a drop in revenue due to lack of suitable staff.

Fact 2. According to AMS, the Public Employment Service Austria, the list of shortage occupations in Austria has become five times as long in the past decade (2014-2023)

And last but not least, Fact 3. You speak English. AND THIS IS YOUR CHANCE.

Although the only spoken language in the vast majority of enterprises in Austria remains German, many of them have begun thinking and looking outside of the box. If your aspirations involve not only working within an international context, but maybe also launching your professional career here in Austria or elsewhere, let’s get you a head start!

This course is designed for students or young professionals in various fields of business or management as well as senior businesspeople who are willing to take up whatever challenge and expect their first steps to be a job interview in English. Even if you are still unsure at this point in which country your future plans may unfold or in which language you might feel most confident, I encourage you to enroll for this course. As a matter of fact, precisely for these reasons I encourage you to sign up, as we will address just that.

Interviews are essential aspects in the hiring process. You will be expected to display your verbal communication skills and it is important you walk in relaxed and confident. You only have one chance to make the first impression! Let’s make sure it’s a good one. Getting you equipped with the desired skills and abilities for a successful interview will increase your chances of getting hired and climb that ladder you are about to grab.

This is what we’ll do in our job interview training:

Our first meeting (three academic hours) will be our skull session. We will discuss plans, strategies, and ideas, but above all we will assess job descriptions, individual qualifications, and work on possible questions and answers to them.

When we meet for the second time (another three academic hours), it’s time to drill. You will have ample opportunity to practice, make errors, learn and be better. This will help dispel any last bits of anxiety left in you and enhance confidence.  

In case you are wondering – I am a CELTA certified English teacher with extensive experiences in HR. Conducting interviews is actually my daily biz I pursue with passion. Let me help you improve your capacity to excel and create a positive impression in job interviews in English!

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PS: Once you get the job offer, I suggest you brush up your Business English in my colleague Paul Nogid’s course: Business English: How to boost your career!