(e-)German Specialized Courses

speak more – improve pronunciation – understand and use grammar – write your texts with confidence – boost your German for business use

The Specialized Courses offer additional explanations and exercises for our students.

Nevertheless, they are also recommended for people who are not taking a regular course at the moment. You can stay tuned or simply get to know our courses.

Course Dates - Summer 2022

  • 3 weeks in July - courses start from 11.07.2022
  • 3 weeks in August - courses start from 08.08.2022
  • 2 weeks in September - courses start from 05.09.2022


  • You will learn German in a group of 6–10 students and benefit from personal support by the instructor. 
  • Please note that the indicated course time corresponds to the local time in Vienna / Austria (CEST/UTC+2). Before registering, please check the time zone difference at your local time and register for the course schedule most convenient for your location. If you need assistance, click here
  • As virtual classroom, we use the external provider Zoom.
  • To participate in our online courses you need a stable internet connection (10 MBit/s Download, 5 MBit/s Upload. If you are unsure of the internet speed at your specific location, please check your connection here: https://www.speedtest.net). 

Duration, Intensity, Course Times, Tuition Fees

Duration: 3 weeks
Intensity: 2 units/week
Course times: afternoons
Tuition fees 3 weeks-courses: EUR 53

1 teaching unit = 45 minutes