Job Openings

Profile of requirements for language instructors

  • Communicative competence
    • C2 language level in the target language
    • Ability to moderate group processes
    • Foreign language teachers: very good oral and written expression skills (at least B2) in the working language German and the lingua franca English (at least B1) for conveying learning content and for writing teaching and examination materials
    • German teachers: excellent skills in explaining structures and content in the target language German in a level-appropriate manner
  • Professional competence as well as adult pedagogical, didactical qualification
    • Completion of a relevant degree program (at least BA)
    • Experience in teaching adult education (in face-to-face and online classes)
    • Methodological knowledge and application of strategies for motivational support, sustainable performance development and learner autonomy
    • Confidence in the use of the Zoom video platform and the Moodle LMS, as well as other tools for digital instruction
    • Evidence of continuous professional development
  • Social competence
    • very good intercultural mediation skills
    • respectful handling of the (learning) biography of the course participants
    • empathy, especially for the situation of adults as learners
    • constructive handling of divergent views
    • active peacemaking attitude

Currently, there are no vacancies.

Should you wish to apply, please mail your application (including your CV) to the following email address: sprachenzentrumsymbolunivie.acpunktat

Required qualification for language teachers:

  • University degree in languages
  • pedagogic training
  • several years of teaching experience
  • confidence in using the videoplatform Zoom and the learning management system moodle as well as other tools for digital lessons