Online Courses: e-Language Courses

In addition to our on-site courses, we also offer many courses online as e-language courses. 

Please note that the e-language courses are held entirely online (placement, lessons, final exam).
Exception: If you are attending a German course at level C1/2 or higher, the written part of the final exam will be conducted in person at the Language Center.

  • You will learn in a group of 10–16 students and benefit from personal support by the instructor. 
  • Additional learning materials and exercises will be accessible via the Moodle platform of the Language Center of the University of Vienna for the duration of the respective course.
  • To participate in our online courses you need a stable internet connection (10 MBit/s Download, 5 MBit/s Upload. If you are unsure of the internet speed at your specific location, please check your connection here: 
  • You will need a device with a microphone, speakers/headphones, a webcam and an (external) keyboard so that you can also perform your written tasks in the best possible way. You will work with word documents and other word-processing programs.
  • As virtual classroom, we use the external provider Zoom.

Online Unterrricht_Kameraeinstellungen_EN

  • For online courses, please note that participation is only possible with the camera on. It is not possible to participate in the course if the teacher and the group are not able to see your face. Strangers may not participate in the course, even if they are not captured by the camera.
  • Please note that the indicated course time corresponds to the local time in Vienna / Austria (CEST). Before registering, please check the time zone difference at your local time and register for the course schedule most convenient for your location. If you need assistance, click here