Projects and Scientific Cooperations

The Language Center of the University of Vienna initiates national and international practice-oriented projects in the field of language teaching and didactics and cooperates with partners to further develop teaching and teaching materials. Here you can find information about current projects and cooperations of the Language Center:

Participation and involvement as integral components of second language courses. Learn about best practice examples in Europe.

In the project Participation as an integral part of second language courses. Best Practice Examples in Europe. teachers of the Language Center get to know new teaching methods and materials and learn at language schools in Sweden, Finland and Germany how social, cultural and political participation can be promoted in the best possible way in the context of language courses.

Duration of the project:
01.08.2023 - 31.01.2025

Project partner:
Vuxenutbildning Karlskrona, Sweden,

The project is co-funded within the framework of Erasmus+ by the European Union.

Internship/Job Shadowing

In the course of an internship at the Language Center, students of the University of Vienna observe individual lessons and discuss these lessons afterwards with teachers of the Language Center.

Duration of the project:

Project partners:
Department of German Philology, University of Vienna,
Postgraduate Center, University of Vienna,

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If you have any questions about our projects and cooperations or if you are looking for a new project partner for a project, please write to us at sprachenzentrumsymbolunivie.acpunktat.