Serbian Language Teachers

at the Language Center of the University of Vienna

Prof. Milica Ladjevic mr

Prof. Milica Ladjevic mr

Where I come from: Novi Sad, Serbia
My language skills: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Slovak, German
My educational background: Faculty of Philosophy Nov Sad (Serbia) Group for South Slavic Languages, Faculty of Philology Beograd (Serbia) General Linguistics, Training in Linguistic Psychodramaturgy by B. Dufeu (Mainz)
My professional background: Lecturer for Serbo-Croatian at the University of Komensky Bratislava (Slovakia), language editor in Novi Sad, intercultural assistant at the province of Lower Austria in the project "Intercultural Pedagogy in Practice and Theory", lecturer for early childhood multilingualism, since 2010 working at the Language Center of the University of Vienna and at VHS in Vienna as a language trainer.
My teaching motto: If it is your words, then it can more easily become your language (B.Dufeu).

Dina Stankovic, BA

Dina Stanković, BA

Where I come from: I am originally from Serbia, but spent part of my childhood in Slovenia and finished school there. I have been living in Vienna since 2016.
My language skills: English, German, Slovenian, Serbian, Russian.
My educational background: in January 2022 I finished my bachelor studies - Russian at the University of Vienna. Currently, I am in the 2nd semester of my Master's degree - General Linguistics.
My professional background: I have always had an interest in Slavic languages, which is why I chose Slavic Studies. For two years I had the opportunity to work at the Institute for Slavic Languages at WU, but in the meantime I have come to see myself both researching and teaching.
My teaching motto: Perseverance pays off.