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B2/2 - C1/2 Semester German on campus

07.10.2020 - 21.01.2021
Monday to Friday, 11:30 - 14:00
UE: 180
ID: 20WDEP5111

virtueller Klassenraum 41

15 teaching units* per week (180 in total) / 5 days per week 3 teaching units* daily; daytime
* 1 teaching unit = 45 minutes, 3 course phases
10-16 participants per class

Holidays: 26. October, 8. December, 19. December 2020 - 10 January 2021

This course is planned as an offline course on our premises on campus and in the surrounding area.
In case the government enforces another covid-19-related shutdown, we will have to switch this course to an online course.
Technical requirements for distance learning:
Stable internet connection (10 MBit/s Download, 5 MBit/s Upload). (check your connection here:https://www.speedtest.net),
microphone + speakers / headphones and a webcam.
We strongly recommend using a device with an (external) keyboard so that you could also do written tasks in the best possible way.

Please note that mouth and nose protection must be worn throughout the building. The mouth and nose protection can only be removed on your seat in class.

A certificate with grades is awarded if the student attends at least 75% of the course and takes the final exam. 12 ECTS-points are awarded to students who obtain a certificate with passing grades. A certificate of attendance can be obtained by everyone with a minimum attendance of 75%.
A maximum of 16 days may be missed.

Course materials

Course materials are not included in the course fee and are available at Facultas on Campus, courtyard 1.5.4.

**Aspekte NEU B2/2 ; ISBN 978-3-12-605028-9 (Facultas am Campus) or ebook ISBN NP00860502503 und NP00860502604 (www.klett.de)
**Aspekte NEU C1/1; ISBN 978-3-12-605037-1 (Facultas am Campus) or ebook ISBN NP00860503502 und NP00860503603 (www.klett.de)
**Aspekte NEU C1/2; ISBN 978-3-12-605038-8 (Facultas am Campus) or ebook ISBN NP00860503503 und NP00860503604 (www.klett.de)


Für diesen Kurs sind keine Dokumente vorhanden.

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