C1/2 e-Summer Evening Course German online - Written exam on-site

16.07.2024 - 17.09.2024
Tuesday + Thursday, 17:30 - 20:00
UE: 54
ID: 2442VDE141

We will send the zoom link to the virtual classroom shortly before the start.

Neukund*innen: Bitte buchen Sie einen Kurs mit Einstufung, wenn Sie schon Deutschkenntnisse haben.

Fortsetzer*innen des Sprachenzentrums können sich in die nächsthöhere Niveaustufe mittels Login anmelden.

6 teaching units* per week (54 in total)
*1 teaching unit = 45 minutes, 1 course phase
10-16 participants per class

Holiday: 15 August 2024

Placement test and Classes will take place online.
Written final exam: 10.09.2024, 17:00 - 20:00 hrs, Sprachenzentrum, Alser Straße 4/1.16, 1090 Wien
Oral exam: online during the course time.

Please pay attention to the information and technical requirements HERE.
You will receive the link to your virtual classroom (Zoom) shortly before the start of the course.

A certificate with grades is awarded if the student attends at least 75% of the course and takes the final exam. 4 ECTS-points are awarded to students who obtain a certificate with passing grades. A certificate of attendance can be obtained by everyone with a minimum attendance of 75%.
A maximum of 4 days of absence is allowed.

Course materials

Course materials are not included in the course fee and can be purchased at Facultas on Campus, courtyard 1.2.1.

Aspekte NEU C1/2
ISBN 978-3-12-605038-8 (Facultas am Campus)


Für diesen Kurs sind keine Dokumente vorhanden.

462,00 €

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