e-Phonetics German A2 and higher levels

07.05.2024 - 11.06.2024
Tuesday, 16:00 - 17:30
UE: 12
ID: 24Y3VDE02

We will send the zoom link to the virtual classroom shortly before the start.



To log on to the various online tools, we will send you a link at the beginning of the course.

Pronunciation and intonation: Sau – Schau, Zoo – so, raus – Laus sounds the same to you? Or you are not sure whether you drink Wien in Wein or Wein in Wien? Then this course is just right for you! Here you will work on your pronunciation in a playful, entertaining, but effective way, so that the others understand what you want to say.

Maximum number of participants: 10

Particpants who attended the course regularly (75% minimum attendance) will get a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the course upon request.
A certificate with marks and ECTS is not available for special courses.

Course materials

will be provided by the teacher


Für diesen Kurs sind keine Dokumente vorhanden.

120,00 €