Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes

be one step ahead - reactivate your foreign language skills - become more eloquent - write your texts with confidence - build up vocabulary for professional and academic purposes

If you have a good command of a foreign language already, then our special courses are the right choice for you.These courses offer you the opportunity to work on specific aspects of the language.

You will have the chance to practice, refresh and refine your language skills.

Within one semester, you will improve your proficiency without having to spend too much time and effort (only 2,5 hours per week).

For English, the most important language in international communication, we offer a wide range of courses, listed under the title "ESP - English for Specific Purposes". Additionally, we regularly offer specialized courses in Danish, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

Business-related topics

  • Legal use
  • Academic purposes
  • Business use
  • Government and Public Policy
  • International Relations

Skill focused courses

  • Comprehensive review of certain course levels
  • Grammar review and immersion
  • Conversation training
  • Writing skills

We are constantly trying to tailor the courses to the needs of our students. Hence, the courses on offer might vary at any given semester.

Course Dates

  • Courses start as of 14.03.2022 - Registration for remaining seats available!

Duration: 10 weeks, 30 units per course
Intensity: 3 units once a week
Course times: depending on specific courses on offer (mornings/afternoons/evenings)

one unit = 45 minutes

Regular course fee: EUR 405.00 per course

Teaching materials are not included in the course fee. They are available at the bookstore Facultas am Campus.


  • for Austrian school students, students and employees of the University of Vienna as well as the Medical University: 25%
  • for recipients of federal aid for students (at the University of Vienna): 50%
  • for members of the Alumni Association of the University of Vienna: 10%

Further information on discounts

Placement and Registration

The courses are adjusted to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
Prior to the beginning of the course, the Language Center offers cost-free assessment tests (pre-registration not required). Self-assessment is also possible, based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) level descriptions.

Registration is available online or in person at the office of the Language Center of the University. Telephone and email registration is not possible!

Textbooks and course certificate

You will not be required to buy any text books. Custom-tailored course materials will be supplied by your instructor.

An exam will be conducted at the end of most courses. 3 ECTS points will be issued on your certificate, provided that you have passed the exam and attended a minimum of 75% of the classes.

There will be no final exam at the end of some of the skill-focused course; therefore, no certificates or ECTS points will be issued upon completion of these courses.

You will be issued a confirmation of attendance, provided that you have attended a minimum of 75% of the classes.


Workshops in text production for Arabic, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

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