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(e-)February Intensive Courses for German

These 3-weeks German Courses are taking place 5 times per week. They are offered either online as e-German courses in the mornings or offline as German courses on Campus in the mornings or afternoons. 

You can complete one course phase. The participation in the final exam and the certificate (with 4 ECTS points) are part of the course.

The February Intensive Courses are open for all interested individuals above the age of 16 years. They are very popular among ERASMUS incoming students who wish to prepare for their studies in Vienna.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we kindly ask you to register online via the respective links "courses" or "booking" this year.

Course Dates

  • 07.02. - 25.02.2022 (Registration starts: 07.01.2022)

e-February Intensive Courses: Online teaching from A to Z

The e-courses will be taking place in our virtual classrooms from 9:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Central European Standard Time. 

You will communicate live with your German language instructor and the other course participants during your classes and the final exam.

You will be able to complete this course online - no matter where you are.

  • You will learn in a group of 10–16 students and benefit from personal support by the instructor. 
  • Please note that the indicated course time corresponds to the local time in Vienna / Austria (CEST/UTC+2). Before registering, please check the time zone difference at your local time and register for the course schedule most convenient for your location. If you need assistance, click here
  • The e-courses correspond to our usual courses on campus in terms of quality, learning progress and personal interaction. Therefore, the tuition fees we charge are the same. 
  • To participate in our online courses you need a stable internet connection (10 MBit/s Download, 5 MBit/s Upload. If you are unsure of the internet speed at your specific location, please check your connection here: https://www.speedtest.net). 
  • You will need a device with microphone and speakers/headphones and a webcam. We strongly recommend using a device with an (external) keyboard so that you can also perform your written tasks in the best possible way. You will work with word documents and other word-processing programs.
  • As virtual classroom, we use the external provider Zoom.
  • The textbooks are available at bookstores such as our cooperation partner Facultas am Campus, or as e-books on the publisher's websites worldwide.
    The textbook costs are not included in the course price. You will receive precise information about the required textbook after the placement test.

  • Additional learning materials and exercises will be accessible via the Moodle platform of the Language Center of the University of Vienna.

Duration, Intensity, Course Times, Tuition Fees for e-February Intensive Courses

Duration: 3 weeks
Intensity: 5x/week, Monday - Friday
Teaching units/day: 4
Teaching units/week: 20 (total: 56 units per course)
Course times: 9:00 a.m.–12:15 p.m. Local Time Vienna/Austria; CET
Tuition fees: EUR 435

1 teaching unit = 45 minutes
The schedule is available on the first day of registration.

e-Specialized Courses – Topics

February Intensive Courses: On-site teaching on campus

Please note: Due to the new Covid-19 regulations, all offline courses will be held online.


Please register for A1/1 beginners’ courses if you have no previous knowledge in German.

  • Courses A1/1: Online registration open to all people aged 16 and above from the start of registration

Continuing students

If you have already attended a course, you can register for the next level.

  • Courses for A1/2 and above: Online registration for the course with course level (A1/2-C2) is only possible with LOGIN

New students

If you already have previous knowledge of German, please register for a course WITHOUT a course level.

  • Courses without level: Online registration open to all people aged 16 and above from the start of registration

After registering you will receive information about the placement test.
You also have the opportunity to prove your language skills with an ÖSD/Goethe certificate.

Comprehensive placement tests ensure that our course participants are assigned to the appropriate course level. These tests are mandatory for new students.

You will receive information about the procedure and an invitation to the test one month before the course starts. The test consists of a written and an oral part.

If you sign up for an e-German Course, the placement test will be conduced online.
For the oral part, you need a stable internet connection and microphone, speakers/headphones and a webcam. You can use your smart phone if you wish.

No placement test is required for beginner students at the A1/1 level or students who have previously attended German courses at the Language Center.
New students who can produce an ÖSD or Goethe certificate issued within the last 12 months are not required to take the placement test. Please note that the certificate must show at least 80% of the points successfully completed in all four parts of the exam.

The February intensive course covers 1 course phase.
We offer 11 course phases: A1/1, A1/2, A2/1, A2/2, B1/1, B1/2, B2/1, B2/2, C1/1, C1/2, C2.

The minimum eligibility requirements for a course certificate are as follows:

  • minimum 75% attendance of the total course duration
  • participation in the final examination (further information on disability-friendly exams)

You will receive your certificate on the last day of the course.

Successfull completion of the final examination will result in the participant being awarded 4 ECTS credits. The relevant study program of your university will have the ultimate decision regarding recognition of our certificates.

In case of the student's absence at the final exam or failing grades, ECTS points cannot be awarded. Nevertheless, participants who fulfill the minimum attendance requirement of 75% may receive an attendance confirmation letter at the end of the course.