At the end of your Course

Course Certificate

The minimum eligibility requirements for a course certificate are as follows:

  • minimum 75% attendance of the total course duration
  • participation in the final examination (further information on disability-friendly exams)

You will receive your certificate on the last day of the course.

ECTS points

Successful completion of the course will result in the participant being awarded ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) points. The relevant study program of your university will have the ultimate decision regarding recognition of our certificates.

Regular Foreign Language Courses: (semester courses, semi-intenisve courses, intensive courses)

Niveau A1-A2: 2 ECTS points per course

Niveau B1-C2: 3 ECTS points per course

German Courses:

4 ECTS points per course phase (provided passing grades in the final exam)

Further information see course details.

Please read our FAQs on this topic.

Course Examinations

All four language skills are assessed: reading comprehension, listening comprehension and writing proficiency are tested within the written part of the examination, while speaking proficiency is assessed in a separate, oral part of the examination. A maximum of 20 points can be acquired for every language skill. In order to pass, candidates must acquire a minimum of 12 points in each skill.

Information on disability-friendly exams

People with attested disabilities have the right to an accessible examination mode.

  • (Future) students of the University of Vienna: Please contact the members of the Accessible Studying Team before the start of the course and then inform
  • Course participants (except students at the University of Vienna): Please write to within the first week of the course and ask for an appointment with the head of department.

We ask for your understanding that later announcements cannot be taken into account for organizational reasons. You can find support and more information HERE.

Attendance Certificates

Your teacher will inform you in time about the date of the final exam.
If you are unable to come to this date, forgo taking the exam or fail the exam, you will not receive any ECTS points.

Nevertheless, participants who fulfill the minimum attendance requirement of 75% may receive an attendance confirmation letter at the end of the course.