Exam Preparation

The Language Center of the University of Vienna offers the following courses:

  • English preparation courses for the IELTS examination
  • Preparation Courses for the Latin Supplementary Exam at the University of Vienna ("Latinum")
    The information about Latin has moved! 
    You can now find it here: Latin Course


These preparation courses address individuals who wish to study or work in an environment in which English is used as the working language. These courses do not necessarily entail taking any examination and are also appropriate in preparation for a stay abroad.

Please visit the British Council website for detailed information regarding the different English language certificates and the relevant examination dates: http://www.britishcouncil.at/

IELTS Preparation Courses on weekends

Duration: 3 weeks, 18 units per course
Course times: Friday 17:30–20:00, Saturday 9:00–11:30

(1 teaching unit = 45 minutes)

Information regarding course content can be found in our booking system.