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Language Courses for Erasmus Students

The Erasmus program of the European Union supports the international mobility in an educational framework. Many students, who wish to apply for an Erasmus grant at a foreign university (outgoings), have to proof proficiency in the language of their host university during the application process. Students who come to Austria via the mobility program (incomings), are supported in enhancing their German language skill.

The Language Center offers specially tailored courses for outgoing as well as for incoming students.

Erasmus Outgoing

Erasmus preparation courses address specifically students who plan to participate in semester- or year-long Erasmus exchange programs in foreign countries.
These courses include important information and advice for everyday life in the university environment, alongside academic, formal and social requirements and challenges which outgoing students can expect being confronted with.

However, Erasmus nomination is not a requirement for participation in these courses, which are also adequate as preparation for non-mobility program stays abroad.

  • English Erasmus Preparation Course (B2)
  • French Erasmus Preparation Course (B1)
  • Italian Erasmus Preparation Course (B1)
  • Spanish Erasmus Preparation Course (B1)



Erasmus Incoming

Knowledge of the German language is a prerequisite for studying at the University of Vienna since most courses are held in German (with the exception of selected Master’s/PhD programs).
Hint: the International Office of your home university can provide information with regard to the language requirements of every field of study of the University of Vienna.

Before you start your lectures at the University you can prepare for your studies by attending an intensive September or February course; in addition, you can further enhance your German skills during the semester by participating in a trimester course.

Exchange students will be granted a discount of 20% on all trimester courses, February courses and summer courses, if they present a registration confirmation of the University of Vienna (which you receive from the International Office). There is no discount on semester courses.

The Language Center of the University of Vienna also offers courses in numerous other languages.