Foreign Language Courses

in the summer semester

We invite you to learn a (new) language with us in the summer semester!

11.03.2024 – 27.06.2024 | Registration now open until 05.03.2024

Learning a language is always an adventure. It doesn't matter whether you want to learn a language for your personal further education, your planned stay abroad, your vacation or your professional future. Take the language adventure with us and try different languages on a mini language trip around the world. Starting in mid-February, you can get a taste of a language with our hands-on lectures and try out our course offerings

Starting in March, our extensive course program will be available for 30 different languages. In our courses, you can study a foreign language 1-2 times a week and take your language skills to a higher level before the summer. Maybe you will be able to enjoy your next trip even more!

All courses

Take advantage of our assessment tests for English, French, Italian and Russian.

The Language Center is a certified center for further education. We will be happy to inform you about grants and discounts and put together individual offers for you. 

Please send your request to: sprachenzentrumsymbolunivie.acpunktat.

Semester Courses

Once per week, one course phase, 2-3 ECTS credits

Arabic, Austrian Sign Language (ÖGS)BCMS (Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian), Croatian, Dutch, English, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

13 weeks, 1x/week, 39 units

Small Group Tuition

Once per week, one course phase, 2-3 ECTS credits

Albanian, BosnianDanish, Czech, Farsi, Finnish, Georgian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Norwegian, Romanian, Slovak, SloveneUkrainian

7-11 weeks, 1x/week, 14-24 units (depending on number of participants)

Semi-Intensive Courses

Twice per week, one course phase, 2-3 ECTS credits

6,5 weeks, 2x/week, 39 units

Tuition fees: EUR 464 per course

Grants & discounts: 

  • 25% discount: EUR 348
  • 50% discount: EUR 232

See also: Grants & Discounts

Specialized Courses for Foreign Languages

Consolidation | Repetition | Improvement | Conversation | Specific Vocabulary

English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish

If you already have previous knowledge of a language, the specialized courses offer you the opportunity to reactivate or deepen this knowledge.

Detailed information on the course content can be found in our course booking system following the point “Further information” in each course.

10 weeks, 1x/week, 30 units

Exam Preparation English: IELTS Academic

Exam Training | Monthly Courses: Friday & Saturday

Are you planning a stay abroad in an English-speaking country? Then you may need an internationally standardized language certificate.

ERASMUS Preparation and Certificate B1 or B2

Linguistic preparation for the stay aborad | language proof

In close cooperation with the International Office of the University of Vienna, we offer preparation courses for your ERASMUS semester abroad.
Furthermore, you can take an exam to certify your language proficiency for several languages.

Preparation for the Latin Supplementary Exam

Semestral Cours | Build up Latin | Exam Preparation

Prepare for the Latin supplementary examination at the University of Vienna!

Hands-on lectures

Join us on a short language trip around the world!

We start in Denmark, where we get to know the Danish language and culture, and hop from Alpha to Omega across the Greek islands. After a detour to the far north, we will return to the south, where we learn Turkish through play. We will visit Rembrandt, Breugel and Co and wander through the Romance languages of Europe. After that we will fly to the language variations of South America and back. Then we will whizz off to Japan, where we get to know Japan in a playful way on the Shinkansen and try out hilarious tongue twisters. After a visit to the Arab world, we will finally return to America, where we will refine our English skills.

Further information and the travel ticket can be found here:

Abenteuer Sprache